Updates From Laura L. Kiessling @ChemicalBiology

Updates From The Lab @KiesslingGroup

  • RT  @dad2420 : Caltech Postdocs. Two positions are open in the Dougherty lab as part of the long-standing collaborative research program of D… 2 days ago
  • New school year new group pic 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️📸 https://t.co/Z4riASk9SB 2 days ago
  • Post summit brews #summit2k19 https://t.co/Fb6OU5AA7w 3 days ago
  • Team LOLLK won  @trilliumbrewing  trivia for a thrilling end to #summit2k19 https://t.co/H4Ub24CIaY 3 days ago
  • Sayaka closes out stem cell talks and summit! #summit2k19 https://t.co/GbQPF5dz74 3 days ago

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