Updates From Laura L. Kiessling @ChemicalBiology

Updates From The Lab @KiesslingGroup

  • Exciting work with immediate clinical application! Mannose treatment has been shown to improve efficacy of chemothe… https://t.co/Ea7i9qV2V3 1 day ago
  • When half the lab was in late last night and half the lab was in early this morning and one brave soul did both—mak… https://t.co/SBMZRx1fbE 5 days ago
  • Awesome talk yesterday by Pablo Argüeso from  @HMSeye  on the critical role of N-glycans and Galectin-3 in forming a… https://t.co/aQRaQXyEMw 6 days ago
  • Interesting work from the Wipperman at  @sloan_kettering  highlights a potential growth area for both TB and microbio… https://t.co/Hn1HBCEdAU 2 weeks ago
  • We’re so excited to welcome first years Victoria and Deepsing to the group! #jointherainbow https://t.co/BvuFVYpqdt 1 month ago

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