Updates From Laura L. Kiessling @ChemicalBiology

  • RT  @WangXiaoLab : Excited to share the collaboration with Prof. Morgan Sheng's lab and Genetech about using STARmap PLUS to dissect AD-assoc… 1 day ago
  • RT  @ChemistryMIT : Researchers in the  @WangXiaoLab  have mapped brain cell changes in Alzheimer’s disease in a new study, published this week… 4 days ago
  • RT  @UCSFCancer : Congratulations  @kevansf   @UCSF , winner of the 2023  @theNASciences  Award for Scientific Discovery for pioneering breakthroug… 2 weeks ago
  • So excited to hang out with this great group of scientists #chemtwitter https://t.co/Yer6sqkDU7 2 weeks ago
  • Looking forward to hanging out with Jim Wells and many others (Helma Wennermers, Sam Gellman, Dale Boger, Bill DeGr… https://t.co/tYhAKVsR6x 2 weeks ago

Updates From The Lab @KiesslingGroup

  • Last but not least, our final 1st year is Hallie Trial👋 Hallie studied chemistry and minored in statistics at… https://t.co/h3UMGXGX6X 4 days ago
  • Our next 1st year introduction is for Alexxandra Sosa Guir🎉Alexxandra graduated from  @TuftsUniversity , where she wo… https://t.co/UXuA7HDKyi 1 week ago
  • Next for our new 1st years is Jessie Ille! Jessie received a B.S. in Chemistry in 2022 from UNC, doing research in… https://t.co/y4lEVwl35c 2 weeks ago
  • We are excited to introduce our 4 new 1st years! 1st up is Gerard Porter✨Gerard graduated from  @Harvard  Chemistry w… https://t.co/WpEfTTOmUM 2 weeks ago
  • RT  @LyleMcPherson1 : Excited to share a pre-print of our work in the  @KiesslingGroup  describing interactions between human lectins and stool… 2 months ago

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