Updates From Laura L. Kiessling @ChemicalBiology

Updates From The Lab @KiesslingGroup

  • When Saturday looked like this so you decided Sunday was going to look like this... #saturdaylabday #sundayfunday https://t.co/YoDSTBIMr5 2 days ago
  • It’s always fun to see what Kiessling alumni are up to! Even if it is an old video https://t.co/LjAosgNWr3  @D_Weezy_2  👨‍🔬 4 days ago
  • ty friends https://t.co/gY5E6y22nI 1 week ago
  • Excited to share our latest publication highlighting how antigen structure affects routing through the immune recep… https://t.co/AK1hc5W2SP 3 weeks ago
  • Congrats Joe!! https://t.co/LIvjgH1Fga 3 weeks ago

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