Updates From Laura L. Kiessling @ChemicalBiology

  • RT  @eecchemistry : Work with John May to assess our HK inhibitors in Salmonella came out - they cause resensitization to polymyxins! My long… 14 hours ago
  • RT  @LuBruGonzaga : 🌶️Hot off the Press🌶️ Shock shot to start the day! When our peers share the opinion your work deserves recognition 👊🏾 @… 14 hours ago
  • RT  @lipidchronicles : New malonate-derived tetraglucoside detergents for membrane protein stability https://t.co/LOXz2NjStl ( @chemicalbiolog … 14 hours ago
  • Great to see these outstanding scientists honored by NSF. https://t.co/keGD4WvZcD 15 hours ago
  • Exciting demonstration of the utility of chemical probes from  @Lhsiehwilson  for identifying glycosaminoglycan bindi… https://t.co/3cnKTnSi3T 1 day ago

Updates From The Lab @KiesslingGroup

  • Congratulations to our second year students ⁦ @dsyangta ⁩ and ⁦ @vicmarando ⁩ on passing their second year oral exams!… https://t.co/PvqZQdqeyC 1 week ago
  • RT  @Ewerpointe : There is now a petition to remove the newest National Science Foundation priority research areas from NSF GRFP - Sign the P… 2 weeks ago
  • RT  @sarah_reisman :  @NSFGRFP   @NSFGRFP  this is a very short sighted decision. Focusing graduate fellowship support on a few very ‘hot’ areas… 2 weeks ago
  • RT  @johnsonchem : As  @ChemistryMIT  considers changes to improve on DEI, please consider reading and signing this petition to take active ste… 2 weeks ago
  • International researchers have brought so much to our group through their scientific insights, mentorship, and lead… https://t.co/ORqeq3GtEX 3 weeks ago

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