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  • RT  @physorg_chem : A new culprit in antibacterial resistance: #Cysteine persulfide  @kumamotou_int   @ChemicalBiology  https://t.co/MfDwlCihFO 5 hours ago
  • RT  @barb_golden : The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) for the National Institutes of Health in the United States is inviting early career… 1 day ago
  • RT  @ACSCatalysis : Nominations are open for the next Editor-in-Chief of ACS Chemical Biology -- DUE July 9th -- DETAILS: https://t.co/hTK7eZ… 1 day ago
  • I can hardly wait to see the nature of the linkage as I am not quite ready to rule out a glycopeptide-RNA conjugate… https://t.co/bvmTMCUTu4 2 days ago
  • RT  @aliceyting : The Ting lab is looking for postdocs interested in developing molecular technologies for recording, manipulating & discover… 2 days ago

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