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  • Protocol for picking a group: rotate, rotate, pick. Protocol for picking an apple: twist, twist, pull. We had a g… https://t.co/l8LfNYSrPH 4 days ago
  • RT  @ChemicalBiology : How can proteins bind hydrophilic molecules like glycans? Roger Diehl  @KiesslingGroup  reviews the importance of CH-pi… 4 days ago
  • RT  @J_A_C_S : Biosynthetic Glycan Labeling  @KiesslingGroup   @ChemicalBiology   @MIT  #Glycoscience https://t.co/PwYynjG8HF 2 weeks ago
  • Interested in this synthetic strategy applied in chemical biology? Want to also #makeitglow? Candidates with synthe… https://t.co/080Dv9wlm9 2 weeks ago
  • We're putting a label on this relationship ❤️https://t.co/vE33Ug9yRY Congrats to  @vicmarando , Daria Kim, Phil Calab… https://t.co/tTkjZn6kYg 2 weeks ago

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