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  • RT  @serdar_durdagi : Our new GPCR paper published as a preprint at #bioRxiv and submitted to ACS Chemical Biology  @ChemicalBiology  16 hours ago
  • This list is very valuable for any lab that uses an array of reagents. Having a simple visual cue marking "scary ch… https://t.co/545853g36r 3 days ago
  • RT  @v_paavilainen : Very happy that our work on the mechanism of action of the cyanobacterial natural product coibamide A is now published @… 4 days ago
  • This could be a critical change in federal grants management that would be detrimental to all US investigators—espe… https://t.co/yrhknRVynF 4 days ago
  • RT  @dwiegand740 : New paper is officially out in ACS  @ChemicalBiology : Release Factor Inhibiting Antimicrobial Peptides Improve Nonstandard… 5 days ago

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